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Fringe Archives - inaccessory

Turn the Fringe to Eleven

It’s freezing outside but it’s fringing inside and we’re talking about this cool babe – the Maximum Fringe Necklace by iheartnorwegianwood by Angie Johnson

Your Neck Deserves Some Fringing Drama

Fringe Necklaces are what the current above-the-waist version of stacked bracelets and cuffs. They’re grand, they’re all about being busy and demonstrate some exciting materials, colors and all-over-tassels.

Get Your Music Festivals Gear Together

Music lovers, desert fans, rock band groupies – Music Festival Season is…

Fringe With Benefits – Shelly Zig-Zag Fringe Bags

Fringes are a come-and-go trend, and they’re here again, bringing a cool…

Bib of the Month – Roarke Bib Necklaces

What do you get when you match an ex Bergdorf Goodman buyer…

Add Some Breeze – Gold Fringe Necklace

A light breeze is one of the things that make us happy…