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Fashion Accessories Inspirations - INACCESSORY.com

Fruit of the Foot

You’re a nature lover. But you can’t really imagine living in the country for more than one week. We know – and understand – this conflict, but we also know how to solve it!

Turn the Fringe to Eleven

It’s freezing outside but it’s fringing inside and we’re talking about this cool babe – the Maximum Fringe Necklace by iheartnorwegianwood by Angie Johnson

7 Head Turning Pieces

And when we say “head turning”, we mean it. From Great Gutsby styled head pieces to glam headbands, hair & head accessories are stylishly sophisticated, romantic and Boho-licious, and we just love the upgrades they do to any outfit.

Happy Knees

Do you know the happiest song ever, Happy Feet by our favorite, sweetest green guy out there – Kermit the Frog?

Mind the Gap

Have you checked the Gap’s new bags collection? Something good is happening there.

This Could Be a Diet Threat/ Solution

How cool is this coin purse – though it can be a constant threat – or a solution to our diet…

Your Neck Deserves Some Fringing Drama

Fringe Necklaces are what the current above-the-waist version of stacked bracelets and cuffs. They’re grand, they’re all about being busy and demonstrate some exciting materials, colors and all-over-tassels.

I Thought I Saw a Wabbit

Is it the fact that Valentine’s Day is getting closer and closer, and people are building their hopes – or the fact that Easter is going to be here sooner than we know it? Whatever the case it, the Bunny Jewelry Trend is cool!

Have a Heart!

Guys, have a heart! Or better, show your loved ones a) you have a heart – by giving them the sweetest gifts b) and by doing that all along the year, not necessarily on Valentine’s Day. It’s not about one date to remember, it’s about remembering and doing stuff for one another in a surprising, not-in-the-calendar way.

BFFs are a Girl’s Best Friends

Holidays are over and next event on our calendar is Valentine’s Day. A month from now, there’s still time to work on receiving/ sending cards this year, and browsing gifts for your loved ones.

The Importance of Everyday Objects

We all know that history, books and museums dedicate large sections to important inventions: the airplane, the penicillin, the internet. But we don’t need to go afar to think about important objects that have changed our lives. Look around you.

Perfect in Perspex

Fun, carnival, spring, 80’s, parties, sophisticated, street style… so many things come to mind seeing these gorgeous earrings, and the one word that’s louder than them all is – COVETING!

I Love Lucite

What was once related to the trashiest stripper heels has become the elegant, playful material of 2013. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Lucite or clear plastics have made their long way from the clubs’ stages to your closets, and they’re pretty cool.

The Sock Monster

Ever wondered what happens to the other sock after you put them in the laundry? There must be a land out there, filled with single socks living happy and free life, kind of “Where the Wild Heels Are”. Or maybe there are sock monsters which lure the softer ones? We don’t know, but these socks here better stay paired…

The Crazier The Better!

Watch out Elton John! Move aside Lady Gaga and Katy Perry! Crazy Sunglasses are not for bubbly celebrities and catwalks only. They’re to be seen everywhere, and the crazier, the better!

In a Flirty Mood

Do you know these mornings when you wake up, fully energized and inspired, singing your way round the apartment and feel like you’re the main star of a French film? This was a morning like this.

Stack Up With These Bracelets & Cuffs

These bracelets and cuffs make us want to wear them all at…

The Best of 2012

It’s that time of the year again, the summing up time. So many things have happened this year, let’s see what were your favorite posts for 2012.

A Holiday of Colors

Hello lovely readers, how’s your holiday? We’re here for just a quick moment, to tell you about these necklaces which remind us of the essence of Xmas celebrating – colors, fun and thinking about the new year’s resolutions….

In Access Story – Weekly Fashion & Fun Stories Round-Up

Some people have too much free time.     Can you guess…

Holidays Gift Guide – Last Minute (& Stylish) Stocking Stuffers

Still looking for stocking stuffers, but the really cool, stylish ones? We’ve picked some brilliant ones, gifts for women and men, that will make your socks’ gifts the best ever!

Statement Necklaces That Add Chic to Any Turtle Neck

Ah, the black turtle neck. A basic in any winter closet. It can be the most boring item, it can be the canvas for an exciting ensemble. Just add the right accessories and bang! You’ve got an unforgettable look. The right statement necklaces will make the difference – and here is a round up of our favorite ones.

Holidays Gift Guide – All Things Glitter

‘Tis the season to be glittery! Add a shimmering touch of fun and festivity when shopping for gifts by adding glitters – they look great on all accessories, and we’ve found great glittery gift for women and men

Holidays (Wine and) Spirit

From necessity comes invention, and just in time for the holidays… A…