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No, print isn’t dead: 5 Printed Footless Tights For The Summer

Comfortable as pajamas and hot like jeans: the combination of light fabrics,…

Trendy Sheer Tattoo Print Tights by Zohara Tights

Looking for a more creative style? You may find an answer with Zohara Tights new print legwear collection, The new 2013 collection was designed by painters and graphic artists, the variety of colors and patterns is broad and quite impressive.

Easily Schedule Beauty Salon Appointments Near You with Beauteeze

Beauteeze.com, quick and easy service that allows you to schedule beauty salon appointments online. Whether it be hair, nails, spa, or laser hair removal, they have what you need. No phone calls, no busy signals, no putting you on hold.

Don’t Leave Home Without It

You know the moment of the day when you find out your phone’s battery is about to end? We’re talking major stress here. Like a person who got lost in the desert and in need of water, the feeling of relief once finding a charger is enormous.

A Black Tie Event

We just love it when men’s wardrobe items find their way to women’s outfits, with an added twist – from boyfriend jeans to fedora hats to button down shirts. This necklace has its own twist as well…

He Did It Again…

We know what bracelet you’re going to buy this summer.

Doggy Bag

Yesterday’s Oscars Ceremony was quite an event, with top moments that ranged between “Wow!” and “Ohhh!” and “Oh they didn’t!” (and “nipples?”…) We have our list of best dressed and the less-best dressed, and a separate list of the wonderful accessories, but the best accessory – and style statement of the evening goes to…

Top 5 Fashion Accessories in Movies

Tonight is the Oscars night, and we’re very excited to see the red carpet looks and styles (and yeah, who won best movies, etc.). Hopefully there won’t be any misbehaviors to apologize for later (Hi Issac Mizrahi) or any wardrobe malfunctions (well, that we can actually bear). But since we are an accessories blog, it’ll only be appropriate to create a Top 10 Movies Fashion Accessories list, especially for the Oscars night!

Placing a Bead

Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to elegance – how do you dress up an outfit without being too much glitz? We’ve got the answer.

Dye Hard

What do you think about the Ombre hair style took over the beauty world with its crazy colors and cool styles? We hope you like it cause there’s a new trend on the block – the fashion Dip Dye (also known as Ombre or Gradient).

Here’s Looking at You Kid

We just love the geeky/ sexy librarian meets the fun-loving stylist look…

Pamper Your Faithful Friend

Some people treat their dogs as their kids, besties, and some as a mini-me (sort of) version of them… in any case, you want to spoil your friend-on-four with the accessories he or she deserves – cause your dog’s style says a lot about you…

Designer Spotlight: Red Brick

The best designers are the ones that create their personal expression of current trends and events.

Instead of a Bouquet

It’s Valentine’s Day. But we don’t want flowers, nor chocolate, nor a heart shaped balloon. We want something that’ll last.

Seeing Red

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the color red is everywhere! But it’s not only about hearts etc. Red is this season’s one of the hottest colors.

Big Bang(le) Theory

Based on our theory, you don’t have to be turn to one arm bandits to enjoy your fun arm candy. The talent is to find those great items in great prices

Happy Year of the Snake!

Today begin the Chinese New Year celebrations all around the world, and this year will be nothing short of sensational as it’s the Year of the Snake.

You Complete Me

What a sweet way to say You Complete Me…

Men’s Best Bags

Clothes make the man, but so do his bags. It’s not easy to find the perfect one (we’re talking about bags, not about men) that will hold everything they need from their keys and wallets to their laptops, books, papers and a pair of socks – and will look stylish and cool (no murses please)… but we did it!

Guys, You Can Now Empty Your Pockets

So, slowly but surely you got your man’s style upgraded, and his wardrobe disasters mysteriously disappear. Now there’s only one thing left to perfection…!

8 Scarves to Take You from Freeze to Breeze

Scarves are your best friends this seasons – use them as – well, scarves, a headscarf, a pocket square, a handkerchief—or tie it onto your handbag. They’ll accompany you to springs with pops of colors and patterns.

(Em)Brace Yourself!

Feeling the Valentine’s Day pressure?… No need to agonize over another Valentine’s going by without you spending it with a significant other. You’ve got yourself to love!

Sink Your Houndstooth Into This Hat

Houndstooth patterns are here again, back with the black and white trend. We love this pattern, but it is tricky as it can look stylish and feminine as well as old if not worn right. One of the easy solutions is to wear one piece with this pattern, and do it with ultra style – like this gorgeous fedora hat.

This One’s Really Going Back to School

Backpacks for grownups have already been trending for some seasons now, but when we say this bag is the Back to School bag, we really mean it.