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No, print isn’t dead: 5 Printed Footless Tights For The Summer

Comfortable as pajamas and hot like jeans: the combination of light fabrics, colorful colors and prints, makes printed tights a must-have item in your wardrobe for this summer season.. Printed footless tights will upgrade your daily outfits and can add that extra chic to your elegant evening Look! While getting your warm weather wardrobe ready for the summer, it’s time to organize it with comfortable items, breathable fabrics, colored as much as possible to fit the sunny weather, and the item that meets all these requests are footless printed tights. Footless tights can be paired with long flowing T-Shirts or oversized button shirts, short dresses that hits mid-thigh are also perfect (you can add a belt to the dress or use a dress that has a pre defined waist), another option to create a trendy look is wearing footless tights with a short mini jeans skirt.. So, if you are fashion crazed and love having fun with clothes, we’re saving you time with 5 printed footless tights, perfect for your summer wardrobe prep:

1. These triangles Patterned footless tights feature a tattoo style geometric pattern in black on high quality grey footless tightstriangles-print-footless-tights-zohara

2. The hearts patterned footless tights feature white 120 denier footless tights with black hearts pattern on both legs patterned-hearts-footless-tights-zohara

3. these Hearts print footless tights feature a body color tights printed with adorable line of black hearts which run up along the back of each leg. (you can wear them on the front as well..)


4. The black funky love text footless tights feature Grey love text pattern on high quality 120 denier black tights. The print love text comes from the terms “love” and “Passion” from Wikipedia in a beautiful funky typography around both legs funky-love-text-print-footless-tights-zohara

5. The African Paisley print footless tights feature a golden African print, adding a touch of glamorous exoticism to your look. african-print-footless-tights-zphara