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Top 5 Fashion Accessories in Movies

Katniss' Mockingjay Pin - The Hunger Games

1. The Hunger Games – Katniss’ Mockingjay Pin

The mockingjay pin is the circular gold token featuring a flying bird holding an arrow, which Katniss receives as a good luck charm and wears during the Games to represent her district. 



The Heart of the Ocean Diamond necklace - titanic

2. The Heart of the Ocean Diamond Necklace – Titanic

You sure are queen of the world with this necklace. The producers of Titanic had to create 3 look-alikes of this necklace, so if it falls in rough seas, it won’t be a total disaster. After the success of the movie, the necklace’s original designers created a real version of it, including the diamonds and all, which is valued at $4M. Wow.



The One Ring -Lord of the Rings

3. The One Ring – Lord of the Rings 

Rings, power, assassins, weird creatures… who would have thought this relatively-simple-looking gold band could be so complicated?



wizard of oz Ruby slippers

4. Ruby Slippers – The Wizard of Oz

We usually don’t write about shoes (though we have a dream to open a separate shoe blog one day, when we have time…) – but these ones are a must on this list. Dorothy’s iconic ruby slippers make us want to just tap 3 times and be home whenever we wear red shoes. In the original novel, Dorothy wore Silver Shoes, but the movie’s creators changed them to ruby to take advantage of the new Technicolor film process – this is how icons are made…



Harry Potter Round Eyeglasses

5. Round Eyeglasses – Harry Potter

Up until a decade ago, round eyeglasses were John Lennon’s symbol. Ever since Harry Potter came into our lives, when you talk about a Brit wearing round eyeglasses, you’d have to be more specific. Along with his scar, magic powers and friends, these eyeglasses have their charm…



Can you think if more? If so, do share please!