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Men’s Best Bags

BILLYKIRK Schoolboy Satchel In Tumbled Black black No

Schoolboy Satchel ($365) – Classic and elegant, this bag looks so sharp and clean with its sleek look, but we bet it’ll have a different charm with time, as the leather gets older (hey, just like some guys we know…)


Billykirk® for J.Crew messenger bag

Billykirk® for J.Crew Messenger Bag ($130) –  Commute and carry is style, with this handcrafted nylon messenger bag. We love Billykirk, we love J. Crew – and we love this bag!




ASOS Black X Puma Clip Duffle Bag ($70.65) – SO cool. This urban styled bag turns the hexagonal pattern to a sexagonal one.



Mi-Pac Bug Backpack ($43.85) – This is a surprising pattern, isn’t it? Imagine you’re  a modern day cool entomologist. Hopefully, cooler lady bugs will be flying your way.


Canvas Trap Tote by Whillas And Gunn

Whillas and Gunn Trap Tote ($140) – We love the shape the canvas handles create on this heavy canvas tote bag.


Combination Leather Rucksack Zara

Combination Leather Rucksack ($169) – This bag’s unique shape combines old school with a modern, clean twist



Jack Spade Swedish M90 Cordura Dipped Coal Bag ($295) – Add a little army flare to this utilitarian carry-all.