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Easily Schedule Beauty Salon Appointments Near You with Beauteeze

beauty salon appointment online

I recently visited NYC and I wanted to take care of my nails, and get a nice Blowout before an important fashion event. I wanted to make sure I had appointment at a good salon and I had no idea where to start… I searched online and came across Beauteeze.com, quick and easy service that allows you to schedule beauty salon appointments online. Whether it be hair, nails, spa, or laser hair removal, they have what you need. No phone calls, no busy signals, no putting you on hold. Just browse the service website, pick what you need and schedule your appointment. It’s as simple as that.

The service recently launched When beauty fanatics and technology experts Abby Ziff and Adi Turgeman noticed a gap in the beauty and wellness marketplace, they were inspired to create a community where fellow beauty junkies could effectively map out their personal primping calendars.

The result—Beauteeze.com—is a new online platform where lifestyle planning, beauty services and technology intersect. Whether you’re looking for a quick mani-maintenance, weekly blowouts or monthly facials, Beauteeze.com offers the best in the biz and helps you find your favorite pros based on your desired time, price or neighborhood.

And while you are scheduling those appointments, why not make a charitable donation? Beauteeze.com is vowing to donate $.50 per appointment scheduled online to a charity focused on empowering women everywhere.

Beauteeze.com, which officially launched in September, unveils the following exciting initiatives to its customers:

Online Scheduling – No more waiting on hold! Book your appointments at your favorite salons at any time with our easy-to-use scheduling system. Don’t worry if you forgot to schedule your haircut before closing time, Beauteeze.com is always open and available to take your appointment.
Profile Management – View your beauty history at a glance and set reminders for your upcoming appointments. Have all of your beauty to-dos compiled into a comprehensive list of past, future and recurring appointments.
New Discoveries – Uncover all that this city has to offer! There are over 15,000 salons and spas in New York—don’t limit yourself to a select few. Discover new salons, up-and-coming stylists and your new go-to nail technician just around the corner.
Insider Advice – Rate any beauty salon you have gone to, and check out review from your fellow Beauteeze insiders. Only customers who attended their appointment are able to review, making our reviews the most accurate and trustworthy available.

Beauteeze.com is a free service and it will always be free! Beauteeze.com is committed to giving back to the very women who support it. For every scheduled appointment through Beauteeze.com, we will donate $.50 to a charity focused on empowering women everywhere.