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BFFs are a Girl’s Best Friends

bff necklacesThis year you might also want to celebrate love and friendship with your besties. The ones who have been there, no matter what guy or girl you were dating/ broke your heart/ broke your bed at the time. Your best friends have been there or you and with you, and it can be a nice thing to do, to give them a little something to show them you care. BFFs’ bracelets and necklaces were a hit when we were kids, why not bringing them back to life, the adult stylish version?


Best Friends Whale Pendant Necklace

Best Friends Whales Necklaces – the Humpback whales are known for their social behavior and “annual reunions”, especially among female whales. We think it’s adorable, you and your friend sitting down, counting the reasons you love each other and realize “Oh, Mammal”


Rebecca Minkoff Best Friends Phone Set


Rebecca Minkoff Best Friends Phone Set – You’re on the phone with your BFF all day as it is, why not making a fashion statement out of it?


BFF ID Necklace Set


BFF ID Necklace Set by Fallon – Chunky, trendy version of your school days’ broken heart designs


Call your friends, tell them you love them. It’s always heart warming to hear.