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7 Head Turning Pieces

Here are our favorite head & hair accessories of the moment:

Merle Black Lace Crown

Black Lace Crown ($30) – Rock the lace trend and wear it in a surprising way, like those royals do.


Flapper Hair Band

Flapper Headband ($27) – We’re ready for our Downtown Abbey set, thank you.


Ornate in Nature headband

Ornate in Nature Headband ($43) – Nature lover? Fashion lover? Now you can do both!


flurry pouf pin by Ban.do

Flurry Puff Pin ($35) – Put some pep in your step with this ostrich feather pin, attached to your hair (or shirt).


Rose Bloom Crown

Rose Bloom Crown ($100) – We know this piece is not for everyone, but you don’t have to limit this accessory to birthday parties/ weddings, as it would look stunning with a maxi dress and ankle boots as well…


Chain the Rules Hair Comb

Chain the Rules Hair Comb ($13) –  A hair comb with attached ear cuff adds an edgy yet feminine – and unique –  touch


Deepa Gurnani Black And Gold Statement Head Band

Black & Gold Statment Headband ($123) – This gorgeous piece is all you need to make an entrance – it’s dramatic, vintage-styled and carries the atmosphere of exotic eastern countries…