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Pink, Olive or Dark Grey? A Fashion Scarf Giveaway (10 Lucky Winners!)

On the 10th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… well, we’ve decided to change this line a bit and instead go for On the time right before Christmas we’ve partnered with Coolil.com to give 10 (!) lucky winners a gorgeous Fashion Scarf!

Wool Fashion Scarf Dark Grey

Pink Cotton Scarf

Yeah, we know, it’s not as catchy and the rhymes are gone, but hey, we’ve got these super cool and unique fashion scarves. These stylish scarves come in a variety of colors and they’re unique with the way they wrap around the neck – the closure is with a button, making sure you’ll always get the perfect slouchy look every time you put it on. Chic, unique and oh so useful – how many times have we stood in front of the mirror, trying to get that “oh-i-just-wrapped-it-around-my-neck-in-two-seconds-to-get-that-cool-look” and haven’t really nailed it?…


Floral-Chiffon-Scarf-Red-Pink Cotton Scarf in blue and beige

This unique scarf style is available in a variety of materials, so you can get a scarf for winter, one for summer and two for in betweens, adding a touch of color and cool pattern.

Fashion Scarves Giveaway from #inaccessory and #Coolil


And now, the giveaway!!!

Coolil.com is giving away 10 Fashion Scarves to 10 (!) lucky winners – and you need to tell us which color you want – is it the pink, the olive or the dark grey? Please follow the Rafflecopter instructions to enter the giveaway


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