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Art on Your Neck – Lady Mary Silk Scarf

Fact: A silk scarf is one of those fashion pieces that are timeless. And we firmly believe that every woman should own at least one.

Lady Mary Heirloom Silk Scarf

Sentimental, faded, anachronistic, this gorgeous lightweight large sized Heirloom Silk Scarf features Lady Mary in all her glory, beautifully illustrated by young designer Kelsey Garrity- Riley. The lovely palette of colors with a nostalgic vintage feel, derived mostly from old, worn pieces of paper she collected over the years. And we absolutely love it.

Just as the heavy clouds are making the skies a little darker on what it seems like a permanent basis, colorful scarves are making their way in. And as we already mentioned, this Fall/ Winter is all about prints. So, it seems like it’s about time (the holidays are just around the corner) to treat yourself (or your present- worthy friends) with a gorgeous printed silk scarf.

Wear it around your neck, head, use it to tie your hair with or tie the handle of your tote bag, and even hang it on your wall when not in use as a piece of art, the Heirloom Silk Scarf is a must have for adding femininity and uniqueness to your style.