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Holidays Gift Guides – 10 Gorgeous Gifts for Guys (Which Aren’t Cufflinks!)

unique gift ideas for men

The gorgeous gifts ideas are all about style and / or humor. Cause this is what gifts are about. Whether your man / brother/ dad/ best friend is an outdoors man, tree hugger, hipster, rocker, classic dude – whatever, you’re sure going to find something for him on our list, all under $80.


Bacon and Egg earbuds

Bacon & Eggs Earbuds ($12) – You know these guys who have breakfast leftover on their shirts and ties? Haven’t seen anyone with them on his ears, but there’s always a first.


Black Leather Adjustable Badolier

Black Leather Adjustable Bandolier ($26) – the bandolier is the perfect gift for the guy who hates walking around with any kind of bag, but needs SOMETHING to hold and carry his stuff. A strap fitted with small loops for carrying pens, pencils, and other handy tools wrapped around a journal, planner, or other book. Think of the artistic, free spirit (and bag free) type.


Hard Graft Key Fold Leather Case

Hard Graft Key Fold ($25) – what a better way to give him a key to your home or heart than in this uber-cool premium leather key fold case.



Jack Spade Christmas Shark and Hannuka Octopus Canvas Totes

Jack Spade’s Christmas Shark & Hanukkah Octopus Canvas Totes ($35) – yes, holidays family dinners might be a jungle. Or Sea World in some cases. But as long as we can laugh about it, it’s worth it!


USB leather bracelet

USB Bracelet ($40) – This bracelet  is just what a stylish tech guy needs – a black braided leather cord, with a silvery 2GB USB drive.



Jack Spade Cardboard iPhone-4-Hard-Case ($40) – It looks like a cardboard, but it’s a heavy-duty case for your guy’s iPhone


Batman Money Clip

Batman Money Clip ($40) – Just like Batman himself, this gift idea comes just in time. Made from die-cast metal, it sports a matte black rubberized coating for added style. Wonder if Bruce Wayne had one just like this.


wooden bow tie

Floyd Wooden Bow Tie ($45) – If you are looking for a gift for the stand-out-in-the-crowd type, this handcrafted wooden bow tie from Two Guys Bow Ties is the perfect gift!


Flud Mickey Mouse Analog Watch

Flud Mickey Mouse Analog Watch ($65) – For the young and young at heart, this awesome graphic watch from the Flud and Disney collaboration is pure fun!


Herschel Supply Duffel Bag in denim

Herschel Supply Duffel Bag ($80) – The brand’s signature style now comes in denim. Super functional and affordable, its simple design makes it unique (and much more expensive looking than it actually is…)



Happy Shopping!