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Top 10 Etsy Finds for November

We love creative people. Could sit for hours and just watch them at work or listen to them speak. Luckily, there’s Etsy to give these talents a stage to show off their creations, and lucky for you we’re here to pick only the best ones for you…

These cool items here would make great Holidays gifts for your loved ones, yourselves included. Here are the Top 10 Etsy finds for this month:

14K solid gold There is no queen without a crown ring

There is No Queen Without a Crown Ring – You don’t have to carry the title, just wear the ring. Delicate, beautiful and fits the royal aspects of you.


gold leaf hair clips

Gold Leaf Hair Clips – Nothing says more Fall than leaves in your hair, especially with this set of two perfectly adorable and lovely gold brass leaf barrettes.


Navy Blue Sequin Clutch

S-E-Q-U-I-N Metallic Clutch –  Deep navy tulle encrusted with large matte-finish sequins that calls for a wild night out!


Ice Cream Sandwich iPhone Case

Icecream Sandwich iPhone Case – Need we say more? Try not to switch “Hello” for “Yum yum yum”


silver leaf ring

Silver Leaf Ring – beautiful sterling silver ring that wraps your finger.


Birds of Paradise earrings

Birds of Paradise Earrings – It’s not just Putting a Bird on it, it’s putting a bird of paradise on it, and that means cool, colorful, fun pair of earrings.


vintage 80s gold and black collarbone necklace

Vintage 80’s Gold & Black Collarbone Necklace – such a beautiful vintage necklace! The 80’s had their good design moments, put aside shoulder pads. Falls ever so beautifully (so flat!) just below the collarbone.


Men's Wrist watch leather bracelet

Men’s Wristwatch Leather Bracelet – We are hooked on the Steampunk trend and this watch, though very masculin, can be a great cuff / watch for women too.



Neon Unicorn Glitter Dispenser – Right, this is not a fashion accessory… but it’s a Neon Unicorn GLITTER DISPENSER!!! We just couldn’t ignore this ultimate superb wonderful kitsch!