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Holidays Giveaways – Shani Jacobi Horse Necklace

Black Friday is here ladies and gentlemen! Are you in shape to storm into the stores, and is your finger ready on the Add to Cart button? Even if you’re not in the shopping mood, you can feel like storming in with this great Horse Necklace by Shani Jacobi which is today’s giveaway!

Shani Jacobi researches the tension between materials (wood and metal, leather and metal), shapes (organic and geometric), colors and representations of popular motifs, all converted into a line of jewelry that is fashionable and elegant on one hand, and funky on the other.

Kites Geometrical necklace

Fan earrings


The various lines appeal to different aspect of a woman – more romantic, fierce, tribal, sexy, fun and humorous. But in all different aspects, the feeling is of a very feminine item that empowers its wearer.

Birds of Paradise earrings


These pieces will take you from day to night, or upgrade your outfit making unique and sophisticated.

And now, for today’s giveaway (drumroll please!) Shani Jacobi 24k Gold Plated Horse Necklace! Bring back your dreams of knight and princes…


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