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Of Loops and Love

Every time we see an elderly couple passing by, we envy their long-time, everlasting relationship, growing together throughout the years.

Now you may say – and it might be true, that some of them might not be speaking to one another, or not sleeping in the same room, or just too used to each other to break it off. But we want to put aside these cases and focus on the good ones. If you have missed this wonderful, full-of-love-and-joy-and humor post by Humans of New York photographer, about 27 couples who’ve made it through the years – do yourselves a favor and hurry up and read it. It’s going to make your day.

It made us think of love and friendships and what’s important in relationships and the loops and links and holding strong in good or bad, and the connection between two random people which eventually becomes love. But since we’re not applying for Dr. Phil replacement spot or a relationship column, we’ve found a wonderful example of how links and loops can also make great jewelry pieces – check out New York-based label Giles & Brother‘s artfully crafted Archer Burnished Gold-Tone Brass Ring and Archer 10-Karat Gold-Plated Cuff which are also super urban, edgy and cool.


[Top image – Humans of New York]