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Hot Legs – Zohara Fashion Legwear New Collection

How do you know Fall season is here? Well, there’s the fact that the light hours are shorter, the Starbucks holidays editions are out and there’s a new 2012 winter collection for Zohara Fashion legwear!

Zohara’s new collection of Designer Legwear features new and exciting prints over colorful or skin toned tights, footless tights and leggings. You already know that unexpected hosiery can really change an ensemble, and the options are so difficult to choose from… Whether you’re going for sexy, flirty,sophisticated, fun, trendy – or whatever your style mood is like, you can create a totally different look wearing the same outfit, with different print tights. We find the new collection also refreshing with its unique prints and patterns, and especially the color combinations (check the gorgeous pink and grey one!)


Important tip: Zohara’s new collection of fashion legwear can be found on Trendylegs.com. Make sure you sign up to the newsletter, If you also register as Trendylegs.com’s members, you will get 5% off discount on EVERY order, and you also get 10% off when you order 3 pairs or more of print tights!

Hearts print tights in pink and grey

Flowers Print Tights Medium Grey - Black

Paisley Print Tights Earthy Orange - Black

Feather Print Tights Black & Gold

Paisley Print Tights Light Grey Pink

Geisha print tights in blue

Moleculer Print Tights Grey and Black

Babushka Doll Print Tights