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Designer Spotlight: Dario Scapitta - inaccessory

We’re in awe to see where 3D printing has taken jewelry design over the past couple of years. If you feel like your jewelry options have gotten a little lazy, we’re here to help you shake them up and give you a little update. We present you Dario Scapitta of DSD (Dario Scapitta Design).

DS snake armband

Born in Valencia, the heart of Italian goldsmith’s art, in a family with three designers, there’s no doubt Dario was destined to be one as well. For the past two years Dario’s living in the Netherlands, a place of international and multicultural influences where he finds his inspiration within the landscape, a place, a feeling… And with the help of his creativity and the new 3D printing technology, he transforms all that into an artsy, wearable- in- any- occasion jewelry.Whether it’s going to the mall or getting ready for that special date, these elegant and unique designs will certainly not go unnoticed; they’re made with emotion.

DS Sparkling necklace

DS Snake Necklace

Dedicating more than ten years of his life to jewelry, Dario’s very passionate about what he does, which helps him find the perfect dose of simplicity, originality, form, color and material to make something precious and bring a smile to the customer’s face.

DS Snake Ring

Materially speaking, nylon is his love. It’s perfect for the minimalistic forms and modern designs, very flexible and versatile, which shaped with the 3D printer becomes light and gets a really nice feel. At the moment he’s experimenting with silver and bronze in a combination with the polyamide, to get jewelry collections full of personality.

DS black widow armband

DS black widow ring

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