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Top 10 Boo-Tiful Tights for Halloween

The season of spooks, ghosts and walking skeletons is upon us once again! Halloween is not a time to play dress up – It’s the one night a year when you can alter into whatever character you want to be! Be as spooky or as enchanting as you please and be sure to embrace a totally new attitude, just for the fun of it!

For an eye-catching festive look, get a little crazy with your hosiery and base your Halloween costume around a pair of fashion print tights.  Here are our Top 10 choices of Tights for Halloween Costumes – some cool enough to be a great wardrobe uplifter for the entire winter:

Celeste Stein Black & White Skulls Tights

Skull Tights from Celeste Stein

Black & White Skulls Tights – With a black base color and scattered images of skulls covering the full length of the leg, these guarantee to make your spookiness the center of attention. Perfect for a monochrome- bloodless look, pale skin, dark eyes and a lot of twitchy lurking in the shadows.

Pamela Mann Webber Tights

Webber Tights from Pamela Mann

Webber Tights – If you’re rocking a neon look, these Webber Tights from Pamela Mann will do the trick. You can get them in a variety of bold, bright colors with printed contrasting cobwebs. Perfect for endless dancing in the dark.

Eye catching wide horizontal stripes tights by Pamela Mann

Twicker Tights from Pamela Mann

Twicker Tights – These quirky tights come in a range of eye popping colors and contrasting black stripes. Ideal for your pumpkin fairy costume, cute bumble bee outfit, or your everyday look; they will add a fun, colorful and original edge to any ensemble.

fishnet tights on blue background

Semi-Sheer Glittery Footless Tights from Miss Oroblu

Intensity Tights – As temperatures drop, fishnets have been given a makeover by Miss Oroblu, as their Intensity Tights feature a mock fishnet print on an electric blue base. They make a great reptile-like effect, or paired with a velvet dress (black, blue…) and a long ice- blue cape trimmed with white fur, these are perfect for all the ice- queens out there. It’s all about the details, so don’t forget to add all the sliver, glittery, shimmery, sparkly, accessories and make up you can find!

Semi-sheer glittery footless tights

Semi-Sheer Glittery Footless Tights from Pamela Mann

Lurex Highball Footless Tights – For all the disco lovers, cast a sparkly Halloween spell with these ultra glittery, semi sheer footless tights! Available in silver and gold, with a very shiny finish, these glitter from top to toe. A little shimmer (or a lot!) promises an unforgettable night. Team up with a slip dress!

pamela mann skull print tights

Skull Print Tights from Pamela Mann

Skull Print Tights – Pirate costumes are a favorite Halloween costume idea. Combine your three-cornered hat and sword with these skulls tights and add some serious rock and roll look to your outfit. Don’t forget your eye-patch!

Zohara Henna Tattoo Print Tights

Zohara Henna Tattoo Print Tights from TrendyLegs.com

Henna Print Tights – Nothing shows how amazing fashion print hosiery is, more than these beautiful Henna print tights by Zohara. It’s art on your legs. If you feel like your costumes or outfits are missing something this season, these are it!

jonathan aston wicked fishnet tights

Skull Studs Tights by Jonathan Aston

Wicked Tights -This is a fantastic twist on the classic, plain fishnet style, with thicker netting swirling up and down the leg in a lace-like pattern. So, if you’re feeling like a wicked witch, combine them with a black or dark purple lacy dress, pick out a witch hat that suits your personality and jump onto your broom and into the night…

skull studs tights 80 denier pamela mann

Skull Studs Tights by Pamela Mann

All Over Skull Studs Tights – Why not give your Halloween eve a glamorous twist with these trendy, skull studded tights? Dress entirely in black, so the skulls will stand out and make sure to style with lots of metallic accessories. Gorgeous!!

Back wing tights

Back Wing Tights from Trendylegs.com

Back Wing Tights – It’s a bird, it’s an angel, it’s a feathery trend… whatever it is, it’s your next costume. Take these print tights and fly with your imagination, making heads turn when you pass people by.