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All You Need is Lobe

We don’t think we’re asking for much when we’re constantly trying to pierce our ears – and repeatedly wake up a week after to find out we have earlobes the size of an elephant’s. With so many stunning earrings, we feel deprived!

Engraved Sunburst Studs by House of Harlow 1960

Check, for example, the Engraved Sunburst Studs by House of Harlow 1960 that will have you shine loud and bright!



Or the Bezel Ear Cuff that’s oh so glam…

Bezel Ear Cuff

Bezel Ear Cuff



… or the sparkle that Kate Spade’s Desert Stone Cluster Studs will add to your looks…

Kate Spade New York Desert Stone Cluster Studs


… The delicate and sophisticated Bejeweled Trinity Posts, in all their color options (they make great bridal jewelry too!)

Bejeweled Trinity Posts

Bejeweled Trinity Posts


And last but not least – they really made us laugh, which is so important these last couple of days…  Betsey Johnson Sea Excursion Crab Pearl Studs which are so cute!

Betsey Johnson Sea Excursion Crab Pearl Studs

So while we can’t enjoy these studs and earcuffs, we say go ahead and do so for us too. And on a more serious note – we hope all of our friends and readers are safe , warm and dry.