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Best Accessory for a Rainy Day

One of the first CD’s we’ve ever bought was The Orb’s. The music itself was something new for us and what totally blew our minds off was a track called Little Fluffy Clouds.

There was something about that woman’s accent and the Ambient House that made this track so dreamy and¬†meditative, we repeatedly heard it till people around us begged us to hear something else.

Ever since, whenever we see little fluffy clouds, the memories and calmness of this track are back, and it still feels good. So when seeing the Moma Mini Sky Umbrella by designer Tibor Kalman, we knew that this would be the best accessory for even the rainiest, gloomiest day. Its print of eternally cheerful, blue sky will take your mind of all-around rain drops and carry you in your own private happy place from one point to the other.


Sky Umbrella