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Lace is More – Lacest Finds

Lady-like lace never really goes out of style, but it sometimes veer between warm and hot. And it’s now becoming hotter and hotter, as you can see around you…

When it comes to apparel, heavy lace tops seems to be doing the trick this season, with of course the appropriate amount of “coverage”. And they’re even more gorgeous and intriguing when it’s colored lace. In the accessories world, we still haven’t found color lace ones we like, but you shouldn’t feel bad for us, we have the patience and the time. Till then, here are 3 lace jewelry trend items we’ve found that will make their way to our fall wardrobe soon, featuring romantic, delicate and fierce styles:


Vintage Gold Lace Effect Metal Lace Necklace

Lace Armor Ring


Crochet Lace Earrings


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