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Designer Spotlight – Varelli Designs & a Giveaway!

Varelli Designs by Liliana Aguilera is a stunning collection of contemporary jewelry. From the most delicate set of leaves outlines gold plated earrings to the bolder leather cuffs, her designs are inspired by Brazilian and Bolivian backgrounds, by the Amazon, the power and color of nature, as well as by romance and love.

We were happy to ask Liliana a few questions, and learn more about her brand, creative vision and design process, and happier to let you know you could win one her designs! Scroll down to the end of the post to find out how.



We’re always intrigued to know more about design and style appreciation goes through generations. How have the women in your family inspired you in your style (design and even personal style), design approach and appreciation?

My love for fashion comes from my grand mother and my mother. My designs are inspired by my Brazilian and Bolivian background. I grew up very much in touch with nature.  While Brazil offers the mysticism of the Amazon, Bolivia offers the gold mines and an abundance of pure materials.  This combination of vibrant colors and natural beauty from both countries has inspired me, and provided me with the resources to design and manufacture pieces which are versatile, colorful, fun and pure.  In a nutshell, Brazil contributes exoticism and Bolivia contributes romanticism.


Gold Plated Leaves earrings -  Arabi

Arabi Gold Plated Leaves Earrings


Black Crocodile Skin Cuff Bracelet with 18kt Gold Plated top - Coco Princess

Coco Princess – Black Crocodile Skin Cuff Bracelet with 18kt Gold Plated top


What was your “a-ha moment”, the moment your realized jewelry design was your purpose?

When Someone stopped me on the street and asked me about the jewelry I was wearing…


Heart Ring - Love Me

Love Me Heart Ring

Gold Plated Wired wrap Round earrings Iracema

Iracema – Gold Plated Wired Wrap Round Earrings


What is the creative and design process you go through when designing a new jewelry collection?

I have found that my designs are most successful when they are the direct result of something that inspires me, such as love, my guardian angel, or a moment in my life that was particularly special for me.  Each of my pieces tells a story of my life or of the lives of the people I love.  I also like to combine different materials to ensure that my pieces will be both fun and versatile.


What’s the inspiration for your current collection?

The colors and mysticism of the Amazon


We love the way you explore different materials. Are we going to see more wood and metal combinations in the next collections?

Wood, 18k Gold Plated, leather, crocodile, and a variety of stones, such as turquoise, pink quartz and amethyst

Wood and 18Kt Gold Plated Ring- Copacabana

Copacabana – Wood and Gold Plated Ring


Coco Selva - leather and gold cuff

Coco Selva – Leather and Gold Cuff


Who is your customer?

Youthful and independent woman of today,  sophisticated as well as exquisitely chic – the Varelli woman shows her strength of character through her own image.


How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Bright colors, exotic combinations, and bold pieces with a contemporary flair.


Is there a meaning to the brand name, Varelli?

The name Varelli is a tribute to my sisters and the critical role that each of them has played in my life.  My sisters’ names are Viviana, Ariana and Eliana.  I incorporated the first letter of Viviana and the first two letters of Ariana, Eliana and Liliana.

Gold Plated 8 chains with hanging hoops Mirabele

Mirabele – Gold Plated 8 Chains with Hanging Hoops


18kt Gold Plated Love Necklace

Gold Plated Love Necklace


Love these designs? Well, the Love Necklace can be yours!

Entering the giveaway is simple:

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We have a winner! Congratulations Kim Hilder, winner of the LOVE necklace. Thank you all for participating, your comments are inspiring. Make sure to check us back soon, as we have more giveaways coming your way … !