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Art Attack – Gris Neutre Silk Scarves

What happens when a fashion designer and illustrator meets an anthropologist? Magic.

Gris Neutre Silk Scarf Yellow Border

Portuguese fashion label Gris Neutre began in 2010 with an encounter between Sara Bento de Castro, illustrator and fashion designer, Marisa Ferra, fashion designer and Joana Gonçalo Oliveira, anthropologist. The two different worlds were combined to create the a series of fashion accessories and exclusive pieces in pure silk – first an original handmade writing followed by industrial production with the drawing as a print on the silk fabric.

floral silk scarf orange border

When we look at the beautiful scarves, we see a celebration on nature and women. On one hand, it’s such a cold and luxurious fabric, but the prints are so sensual (yet not erotic), you feel empowered. Look at the opened scarves – they’re like a piece of art, like a painting worn around your neck. Organic shapes and patters, flowers and leaves, and the amazing illustration of characters. Breathtaking, aren’t they?

Gris Neutre blue border silk scarf