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Look & See – Eyewear for Free!

We feel pretty, oh so pretty and witty. And we didn’t even have to pay. No, it’s not a new botox treatment – we DO want everyone around us to see it when we’re this happy. We’re talking about our new sunglasses!

The people behind Firmoo.com, an online eyewear shop, understand how and why people buy eye and sunglasses – but moreover, they understand that you don’t have to spend a month’s salary on eyewear. It sounds almost unbelieveable, we know, but when your tagline is “Vision & Fashion the Frugal Way”, we had to check it ourselves.

This approach and curiosity we had are exactly why Firmoo had launched a program offering free glasses for first-time buyers, in order to make more people try and see (pun intended) the quality and service. And hey, it works!

We picked a cool pair of sunglasses after browsing the wide range of options (from the large black plastic frame eyeglasses to aviator sunglasses to the colorful frames… it was so difficult to choose from!), getting interesting tips about matching the frames to the shapes of our faces, seeing other customers’ photos wearing the items themselves, we made a choice. And ordered it. And it arrived super quickly. And it was free.



We made a brilliant choice, if we’re allowed to self-patting on the shoulder here. The black & white wrap-around frame with the hint of a cat-eye frame is gorgeous, with top quality. We don’t know if it’s the color or the shape of the frame or both, but it feels we’re on the set of a 50’s movie, or on a luxe vacation in the Bahamas. Did we mention it was free? What else can a girl ask for (and a guy, as there are lots of men’s and unisex frames options)? See you on Firmoo!