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Enhanced Profile – Cameo Stud Earrings

Cameo Jewelry is back! Time to go over your grandmother’s jewelry boxes!

Cameo Stud Earrings

But it’s not just the regular, romantic cameo pendants you’d except to find attached to a velvet collar or brooch. We’re talking skylls and animals, neon colors (like┬áTom Binns’ quirky collection) and so much more. Making our best efforts not to shock you too much (it is morning after all), we chose to introduce you to these Cameo Stud Earrings by Juliette & Company.

Cameo Stud Earrings

They’re classic-with-a-rock-twist with the feminine silhouette and textured edges, so you can make your grandma happy when visiting her or spice up the most boring LBD, adding stacked bangles and a statement ring.


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