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Designer Spotlight: Jemma Wynne

Hypnotic. That’s the first word that comes to mind when looking at Jemma Wynne jewelry collection, and then, when you wake up from that mesmerized state and get a hold of your mind again, you can think of more words…

It’s sophisticated and classic. Bohemian and elegant. It’s luxurious and approachable. Have we mentioned hypnotic yet? We’d better snap out of it and start composing longer sentences.

Stephanie Wynne and Jenny Klatt are the designers behind the Jemma Wynne jewelry brand, designing”versatile jewelry for women who desire a sophisticated look, while still maintaining a casual ease”. We love the duo’s own definition of “cashmere hoodie” – rich, but comfortable jewelry.

The use of black and white diamonds, luscious tourmalines, sapphires, and semi-precious stones in a way that you wouldn’t expect results in a signature style that cannot be mistaken for anything else. We’ve never seen such use of color stones, such rich palettes that take us to the exotic places of India (and truly stimulates all of our senses thinking of warm weather, languages and sounds we don’t understand, hot flavors and sweet aromas and the bursting colors of the women’s saris) and back to the hectic, chic life of a western city (breezy evening on a rooftop, clinking of wine glasses, familiar faces and feeling of home). Wow.

You can definitely tell that the inspiration for the collection comes from traveling and love of design and aesthetics. Jenny’s passion for design landed her in London, where she traveled extensively throughout Europe, expanding her creative horizons and soaking in the works of great artists and architects.  Upon her return, Jenny began designing intricately detailed mosaic art, tiled furniture and jewelry.

Stephanie too was working to cultivate her interest in art and the various means of sophisticated design expression. While studying graphic design, she discovered a small bead store in Washington, D.C. where she found inspiration for her early pieces of jewelry.  They both met in 2005 while working together in NYC at Judith Ripka.  It was there they realized their shared design philosophy and began to forge a collaboration that would ultimately become Jemma Wynne.

Have we said hypnotic yet?…