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Designer Spotlight: Shelly Dahari

Walking  into Jewelry Designer Shelly Dahari‘s studio shop makes you feel like you’ve just crossed into another planet. A place where your inner child, your classic feminine sides and your crazy cool ones burst out and change places with every step you take.

Shelly Dahari, a Graphic Design graduate, creates unique jewelry pieces which can be described as retro meets vintage meets the 80’s. Each and every piece is a statement – whether it’s the surprising animal pendants, the vintage cufflinks turned into rings, the colorful, funky necklaces which are all about summer or the delicate wooden pieces which you want to touch. Or the combination of them into other pieces. Yes, there’s not a dull moment for the eyes and soul there.

Her inspiration comes from various places. First, it’s the material itself –  60’s plastic elements or strands of antique lamp found in a shed can turn into a whole collection. “I love to combine in my designs a variety of materials” says Dahari, “I use plastic, fabric, metal, and rope, old buttons and more … I use metals and brass plated with high quality of 24K gold”.

Another inspiration source is time travel – the Gene Kelly and Audrey Hepburn films, patterns and style, old furniture found and renovated – everything related to that romantic era is an inspiration, which is expressed not only in her jewelry but also in the studio shop itself with the patterned chairs, the wooden display shelves structure and black and white photos of her stylish mom as a young, chic woman in Europe.

Make sure to check the vintage cufflinks turned into rings and pendants, the clip-on earrings which are a blessing for non-pierced people like us (who can finally wear a dramatic pair of earrings!), the coral drops necklace which will instantly make you happy and stylish, and don’t miss any of the other pieces…