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Designer Spotlight: Bande Des Quatres

Bande Des Quatres, a Canadian jewelry brand caught our minds and hearts. It’s not only about the jewelry, it’s about the stories these items are taking part in.

Going over BANDE DES QUATRES‘ site is a physical and emotional experience, deriving from the beautiful photo shoots, each telling a story – heartbreaking, intriguing, joyful – it’s for you to fill in the details; and of course, the jewelry pieces themselves.

Each of the items is named after a famous architect or a Bauhaus master, giving the item not only a statement presence, but also an added history, story and great style. Each design is a collaboration conceived by Montreal-native Erin Wahed and hand-crafted by world-renowned Canadian jeweler Janis Kerman. Wahed’s art world experience and collecting savvy directly influence her refined aesthetic. She draws inspiration from a variety of styles, periods, and mediums including photography, painting, sculpture, architecture, and graphic and industrial design.