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Designer Spotlight: Tomer Matityahu

Jewelry designer Tomer Matityahu combines his love and experience of product design and jewelry design, creating unique shaped items.

Matityahu, a graduate of both product design and jewlery design, is a silversmith and goldsmith artist, designing jewelry and other accessories. The items are inspired by shapes and forms in nature, using product design techniques. We love all the items on his Etsy store, but the rings have caught our attention; whether they’re round or rectangular, organic-shaped and “simple”, combined with stones or have an interesting twist, they’re all truly stunning and calling for touching them.

There’s a sense of respect and understanding not only to the shapes and materials, but also to the human factor here – the fingers. It’s the shapes themselves and the fact that some of these rings are actually designed to show the finger as part of the overall effect, not hiding it.

You can also find men’s rings and wedding rings in the collection, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. We especially love these Airplane Gold Earrings… totally different style but so cute!