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Designer Spotlight: Arielle de Pinto

Jewlery designer Arielle de Pinto creates beautiful oxidized metal jewlery, weaving them in a unique technique as if they were soft wool threads and making them look as delicate as organic knit webs.

 A fine arts graduate of Montreal’s Concordia University, Arielle de Pinto arrived at her unique metal weaving technique while studying textiles and print. While her academic pursuits were focused on paper and fabric, de Pinto was intrigued by the texture of fine chain. Her fascination with this material led her to experiment and soon enough, she mastered the complex technique of crocheting her delicate metal threads into timeless pieces of jewelry.

The pieces are so unique, combine a modern edge and crochet-like delicateness, raw materials and feminine textures. For dramatic effect, try stacking up two pieces with similar styles.