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Designer Spotlight: Tamar Branizkty

Tamar Brazinsky’s scarves belong to that space between art and design. The beautiful, big chiffon scarves seem to be taken off an easel, to be worn as works of art.

The inspiration to the  “Stained Journey” limited edition scarves collection was a line of paintings Tamar, a multi-color textile designer, had painted for 3 years, while traveling the world – it began in Stockholm, through San Francisco, Paris and now Tel Aviv, Israel. Call it a visual diary if you will, one that translates the depths of emotions and imagination, the spanning of the year and spinning of the globe, into free-hand sketches and collages.


Out of these creations, 40 paintings were selected to become unique scarves which hand-made in a unique process, featuring that wonderful combination of color and material which results are always surprising.


The big scarves (40 x 40 inches) add a great color and elegance touch to any outfit, add like to your face and make you feel like you’re wearing a work of art.