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Designer Spotlight: Rachel Appel of RK New York

If you love the edginess of the rockstar look and the chic feel of clean lines and black accessories, this is the line for you. Teen Vogue, InStyle, and WWD are just a few trend setting publications who have seen the genious behind this gorgeous collection. Now, the master mind behind the line, Rachel Appel of RK New York, has taken the time to sit down with me to give some insight into her line and what inspires her.

Designing a line of accessories is no small feat.  But Rachel took the project head-on and had a clear vision of what she wanted the line to be and what kind of woman would be wearing her bags and accessories.  “This line was designed for women who are confident, outgoing, and dare to be different.  A woman who does not want to be one with the masses, but a trendsetter.  One who gets noticed for her amazing sense of fashion.”  The collections boasts a wide range of pieces that cover everything: from the mainstream to what you’ve never seen in the marketplace.  With a passion for exotic leathers, Rachel set out to create something different, but also luxurious.  “I have always loved exotics.  They instantly add that feeling of luxury to anything you have on.”  So when she came across the crocodile, “it was love at first sight!” Hence, the crossbody bag was created, and shortly after that came the belt.

And though all the items in the line are exquisite, what really caught my eye was the harness and all its versions.  When I asked where the idea to create a harness for a bag came from, Rachel immediately chalked it up to not having enough hands.  “We initially started with the ‘hands free’ approach.  We really wanted to offer people a way to carry their essentials comfortably and free up their hands while doing it.  That’s where we came up the the first few items, including the Vegas, which is worn like a holster across your back and offers you two small pouches that are removeable for versitility. “
Vegas Harness

Every item, from the accessories (belts and cuffs) to the bags, scream style and individuality.  But according to the designer, a few are really show stopping. “The ‘Vegas’ of course because it’s a harness, and really, how often do you see someone wearing a harness?  Then there’s the cross body which is great because it holds everything and then some!  Secondly, it’s extremely comfortable due to the width of the crocodile strap, and third, it just looks amazing, I get stopped every time I wear it!  And I can’t leave out the finger bag ‘Spiked’.  I wear this on most evenings and this bag will get you noticed!  Men and women all love this bag.”
Nile Crocodile Crossbody Bag
Spiked Finger Clutch
When it comes to choosing her favorite accessory, Rachel simply says, “I love them all!  I believe the accessories make the outfit.  I love really bold and different jewelry. I have really large pieces, rings from Tom Binns, Alexander McQueen, Cartier, they are all great attention grabbers. I believe my accessories tell you a little about who I am.”  But don’t be fooled, when it comes to bags, as you might have guessed, Rachel is a critic and definitely takes the road less traveled. “It must be different and well made.  I have never been that girl that buys something because everybody else has it.  I never go for the ‘IT’ bag; I go for the wild card, the bold cheetah print, or the one that is loaded with spikes or adornments.  I never understood the draw to look like everybody else.”

This line leaves nothing to be desired… From the accessories to the bags, this line is sexy, edgy, and fresh, perfect for the movers and shakers out there who are really looking to make a statement with their accessories.  No matter which item you choose, you can rest assured you’ll turn a few heads, and for all the right reasons!
Spiked Hobo
This guest post is written by a Summer Gray from Hanbago.com.