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Your Image, Your Imagination, Your Hayden-Harnett Scarf

Birthdays are a challenge. Put aside the actual growing up (not to mention getting older), that’s a different story. We’re talking about finding a gift.

Hayden-Harnett’ s new Bespoke Scarf Service allows you to create a completely customized silk scarf from your personal photos, images, or artwork, and makes a great personalized gift idea. Choose from a range of patterns or image options, or upload your own image, choose your fabric (silk chiffon for a sheer effect or luxurious sandwashed silk for an opaque effect), choose scarf size (20″x20″, 30″x30″, 30″x40″, or 40″x40″) , choose the image area, select the desired quantity & checkout. Your Bespoke Hayden-Harnett scarf will be produced and delivered in three weeks. Time to get creative!! (By the way, a gift for you is also valid).