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Designer Spotlight: Melissa Joy Manning

When it comes to her designs, jewelery designer Melissa Joy Manning talks about feelings, not looks : “My jewelry is not an accessory, but an expression…about finding a piece that speaks to the individuals and echoes their personality.  I believe that jewelry can influence the way you feel; it can say and mean something different to every wearer.” We feel that we love her.

Berkley-based designer Melissa Joy Manning links the modern with the traditional whenever possible.  It starts with her studies – traditional silversmithing at the Instituto de Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and European design principles at the University of Barcelona, and continues with creative approach, process of work and her choice of materials -yellow, pink and green gold, sterling silver, minerals, specimens, precious stones, hand-selected bones and found objects.

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Melissa made her first piece in pre-school, a ceramic bead necklace that her mother still treasures. Call that fate, but the real sign came years later – shortly after starting her company in 1997, Melissa was questioning if she should take the risk and dive wholeheartedly into her fledgling jewelry design business.  While flipping through TV channels, Melissa stopped at “Just Shoot Me”, a sitcom she had heard of but never seen, about a fashion magazine publication.  As she watched the program, one of the show’s supermodels sauntered across the screen wearing a her brand’s necklace.  “It was the ultimate sign; it showed me that the business was meant to be.”  Melissa says, “I believe everything happens for a reason, and if you pay attention, there are signs everywhere.  I’ve been thankful ever since for having the courage to pursue this, because I love what I do.”

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Well, you’re going to love what Melissa does too. From classic to edgier designs, from everyday to bridal items, the collections are stunning.