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A Day at the Park – Bike Accessories

We’re So spontaneous. In the middle of a work day, we have decided to go outside and enjoy the weather. Everything is so flowery and beautiful, and if you put the pollens aside, it’s really perfect. This is a day to take the bike and just ride wherever your feet take you.

On a perfect day like this, you need two things:

Kate Spade Picnic Bike Basket – this hand-woven basket with the luxurious leather details and the floral lining calls for a baguette, cherry tomatoes, fruit and cheese. Keep your smaller stuff in the internal pockets. and keep your smile when biking.

Second thing is a helmet. We are in favor of safety. But also in favor of cool. Check Yakkay Bike Helmets – they look like regular hats, but they’re actually a helmet in stylish cover.