Dye Hard

What do you think about the Ombre hair style took over the beauty world with its crazy colors and cool styles? We hope you like it cause there’s a new trend on the block – the fashion Dip Dye (also known as Ombre or Gradient).

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Trend Alert: Stack Market

stackable rings spring 2013 trends

The Arm Candy trend is now making some room for the finger candy trend – the Stackable Rings.

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Seeing Red

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the color red is everywhere! But it’s not only about hearts etc. Red is this season’s one of the hottest colors.

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6 Accessories That Are All About Color

Move over winter wardrobe! Spring 2013 is the season of colors. They’re bright, vivid and all but muted.

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Sink Your Houndstooth Into This Hat

Houndstooth patterns are here again, back with the black and white trend. We love this pattern, but it is tricky as it can look stylish and feminine as well as old if not worn right. One of the easy solutions is to wear one piece with this pattern, and do it with ultra style – like this gorgeous fedora hat.

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7 Head Turning Pieces

And when we say “head turning”, we mean it. From Great Gutsby styled head pieces to glam headbands, hair & head accessories are stylishly sophisticated, romantic and Boho-licious, and we just love the upgrades they do to any outfit.

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I Thought I Saw a Wabbit

Is it the fact that Valentine’s Day is getting closer and closer, and people are building their hopes – or the fact that Easter is going to be here sooner than we know it? Whatever the case it, the Bunny Jewelry Trend is cool!

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I Love Lucite

What was once related to the trashiest stripper heels has become the elegant, playful material of 2013. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Lucite or clear plastics have made their long way from the clubs’ stages to your closets, and they’re pretty cool.

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Trend Alert: ID Bracelets

The ID Bracelets are a hot trend these days. What had started as a medical and military necessity, is now a stylish identity statement for women and men.

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Colors to Look for in 2013

With one more week to go, we’re wrapping up 2012 here, and already on the lookout for what’s happening in 2013. One of the things we love most are color trends, and we’ve got you covered – check these gorgeous accessories in the right colors for next year

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efika leather evening purses 2013

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