Our purses are mini universes. There’s everything in them, from cards to business cards to coins to hair pins, lip balm, receipts, coffee place stamping card, a piece of chewing gum,notes we wrote down on pieces of paper…you name it.

This is why we often find ourselves jealous when it comes to men and their approach to carrying – a credit card, a metro card sometimes. And that’s it. Minimal. Smart. Functional. And when this comes in a stylish card holder, you know that man is playing his cards right. The Lisbon based brand ANVE, who does wonders with leather accessories, has introduced a new piece – the Envelope Leather Card Holder. A small yet perfect-in-size goat skin handmade card holder shaped like an envelope, with a soft touch of fine suede. The card holder comes in various colors, all of them are so beautiful it’s going to be difficult to choose from…


Anve envelope turquoise

Anve envelope pale blue


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