Meet William – The William Wallet

This cool wallet is perfect for those of you who like to walk around with the only the essentials in their wallets. Meaning, not us. But the concept and the design are so great, we had to share.

The Manufacturer of  the William Wallet, the WinterCheck Factory, is a the kind of group we’d love to be a part of. Founded in 2009 by Kristen Wentrcek, they began with furniture, and later added accessories, clothing and housewares into the mix. The goal is, and has been from the beginning, to source, manufacture and even re-purpose items we want/need in our daily lives with the hope that customers want/need these products as well.

The William Wallet is based on Kristen’s idea of a wallet, clip out of two credit cards bound together with a rubber band. It looked ridiculous, but it was simple and an amazingly effective solution for someone who travels light but needs their items to be organized and compact. The William Wallet is the refined version of this assembly, made with 18 gauge lightweight Aluminum Panels and a 1/8″ polyester bound latex rubber Shock Cord with metal U-Pin Closure. Our powder-coater used both a micro fine matte texture and a glossy paint finish which resulted in panels that were slick but not slippery. The wallet self-compresses by design (making it slide easily into any pocket!), while the shock cord can also be used to stash frequently and easily accessed items on the outer face, like a Metrocard or dollar bills.

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