This is a Men’s World – Hlaska Men’s Leather Wallets

Ok, this one’s for the guys. We women get so many options to choose from, in any aspect (let’s focus on fashion). What heel size, what occasion is the dress for, what items we want to carry in our bag to choose the bag size… now it’s the men’s turn, and the leather bags and wallets (and menswear) brand Hlaska , has the greatest wallet wizard to help finding the perfect wallet to match your man’s lifestyle.

Answering a list of basic questions, the Hlaska Wallet Wizard narrows down the options to feature the best Italian leather wallet for you. From “are you a front pocket or back pocket carrier” to “what normally do you carry with you” (we love the kitchen sink option), to “how often do you travel” and more.

Most of the featured wallets have beautiful, surprising colors such as green, orange and blue.

Check some of the ones we loved here:

The Astronomy 4 Card Pocket Billfold in blue with laser cuts.

The Nominal Flip ID Wallet РExtra slim flip  Deep enough to hold foreign currency.

The Nominal Travel Zip Wallet Рperfect for all types of foreign currency (includes a zippered pocket for foreign coins). Pockets include an ID, passport and card pockets

The Evergreen Billfold – Real woodgrain embossed leather, 4 card pocket billfold.

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